About us

Our Aim is "To know Jesus and to make Him known". Join us as we learn more about God and how His love affects our lives

Sunday Service 10:30am. We are a friendly welcoming congregation, who love to learn more about Jesus and share that love with others
Some Sundays we have 'cafe Church', where we sit around tables, drink coffee, share prayers and discuss matters of faith. Other Sundays we are more traditional and sit in rows. Our communion service is usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month, and all who love Jesus are welcome to take part.

Tuesdays some of us meet at Bicky's for Coffee and a Chat

Wednesdays Prayer in the Vestry

On Thursdays we meet at 10:45 in the back room to discuss the bible and it's meaning to our lives, followed by an ecumenical communion service @ 12:15 led by the Parish Vicar (Rev Sarah Bick). and a soup & roll Lunch. Everybody welcome

Friday is when the mother and toddlers group Tiggys meets from 10:30 AM in the Church

Many organisations and groups use our building on a regular basis. If you want to hire our rooms please email

Interview with Marjorie - 100 years and counting!

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Quiet room

We are opening a room of the Church exclusively for people to come and be still without distraction. It will be accessed by going down the side of the church to the open door. It is intended to be open between 09:30 and 5:00 Monday to Friday for Private prayer and meditation 

Sunday Services 10:30 am

The new Constitution

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Email: Pastor@colefordbaptist.org


Coleford Baptist Church can be supported financially by giving in church,
online using Stewardship at: https://www.stewardship.org.uk/partners/ColefordBaptist, online by bank transfer to Coleford Baptist Church 30-95-29 01158575,